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Mambo Italiano - Мамбо Италиано

Хорошая песенка - Мамбо Италиано Боба Мерилла (Bob Merrill) :)

Ремикс Shaft прикольный (привет из 2000-х), но оригинал Розмари Клуни (Rosemary Clooney; тётка актёра Джорджа Клуни, George Clooney) - привет из 1950-х - куда милее, приятнее, чувственнее...

Текст песни "Mambo Italiano":

A went back to Napoli
Because she missed the scenery
The native dances and the charming songs
But wait a minute, something's wrong

Hey, mambo! Mambo Italiano
Hey, mambo! Mambo Italiano
Go, go, go you mixed up sicialiano
All you calabrese do the mambo like crazy

Hey mambo, don't wanna tarantella
Hey mambo, no more a mozzarella
Hey mambo! Mambo Italiano
Try an enchilada with da fishy baccala

Hey goombah, I love a how you dance a rhumbah
But take a some advice paisano
Learn how to mambo
If you gonna be a square
You ain't a gonna go nowhere

Hey mambo! Mambo Italiano
Hey mambo! Mambo Italiano
Go, go, Joe, shake like a Giovanno
Hello ches-a-dice gotta get happy in the feets

When you mambo italiano
Shake-a Baby shake-a cause Ilove a when you take a me
Mama say "stop-a or I'm gonna go to papa"
And a hey you fool you don't a have to go to school
Just make-a wid da beat bambino
It's a like a vino
Kid you good a lookin' but you don't a-know what's cookin' till you

Hey mambo, Mambo Italiano
Hey mambo, Mambo Italiano
Ho, ho, ho, you mixed up Siciliano
it's a so delish a ev'rybody can capisce
How to mambo italianoooooo!
That's nice - Unh!

Tot: Филипп Киркоров и Валерия тоже молодцы))

А вот еще по теме "Песни": Быть может, счастье рядом. Ирина Муравьева...

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